Get a Free Book

Hi! We’re Lone Shark Games!

We’re a game company that thinks our president and his friends are VERY VERY BAD for America. I mean, democracy-threateningly, country-shatteringly bad.

We really want the Democrats to win big this election. So we’re giving you a reason to get involved in this election. We made you a brand new, 532-page monster edition of Mike Selinker’s book GAME THEORY IN THE AGE OF CHAOS. It uses games to explain and strategize around what’s going on in the world today.

You can preorder it for $25 on our Kickstarter today, or kick in $50 and we’ll also send a copy to a Democratic Congressperson or Senator. That’d be great.


You can also preorder it FOR FREE by doing four or more of the tasks on the Game the System page and then Facebooking or Tweeting that you did those things. Please include and a link to this page.

Why free? Well, the president’s doing everything he can to swing the election in his favor: encouraging his supporters to vote more than once, crippling the U.S. Postal Service, alleging fraud where none exists, bringing armed “observers” into polling areas, disenfranchising minority voters, purging voter rolls, threatening to delay the election, threatening to ban Joe Biden from taking office, and refusing to say whether we will have a peaceful transfer of power. It’s scary stuff.

Here’s the fine print.

  • You can’t select this option if you’re not in the U.S. Thankfully, foreign interference in our elections is still illegal! At least we’re pretty sure about that.
  • You’ll still be charged for postage. What will actually happen is that you’ll get an invite to a pledge manager in late October.
  • You’ll enter your address and pay the amount we get charged for postage then. You’ll be helping the USPS!
  • You don’t have to pledge to the Kickstarter if you do this! In fact, if you pledge both here and there, we’ll send you two copies. If you don’t want that, pick one.

So we’re doing what we can. We’re giving you a book. Just donate. Please.